CT 7 Project Management

Exercise 11.1 – The following activities are based on a recently completed group project that you have been involved in. This project may have been a student project, a work project, or an extracurricular project.

a. Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model and the punctuated equilibrium model. Which model does the best job of describing how the team evolved?

b. Analyze the group in terms of the nine situational factors that influence team development. What factors positively contributed to group performance? What factors negatively contributed to group performance? How did the group try to overcome the negative factors? What could you have done differently to overcome these negative factors?

c. Analyze how effectively the group managed meetings. What did the group do well? What didn’t the group do well? If the group were formed again, what specific recommendations would you make about how the group should manage meetings?

Exercise 13.1 – 1. In month 9 the following project information is available: actual cost is $ 2,000, earned value is $ 2,100, and planned cost is $ 2,400. Compute the SV and CV for the project.

Exercise 13.2 – 2. On day 51 a project has an earned value of $ 600, an actual cost of $ 650, and a planned cost of $ 560. Compute the SV, CV, and CPI for the project. What is your assessment of the project on day 51?

Exercise 13.3 – 3. Given the project network and baseline information below, complete the form to develop a status report for the project at the end of period 4 and the end of period 8. From the data you have collected and computed for periods 4 and 8, what information are you prepared to tell the customer about the status of the project at the end of period 8?

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